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What’s Inside [0:26] Introduction to Kasey Hadjis [3:07] What is a Staffing MSP: Benefits & Risks [1:24] The Future of MSPs for Staffing [1:20] Gaining Transparency and Compliance in Staffing [1:47] The Importance of Data & MSP Services [2:40] The Power of MSPs in Scaling Contingent Workforces [3:27] What Differentiates Eastridge MSP Services from Others? [2:11] How to Know If an MSP Is Right for Your Organization? [2:51] Key Points for Selecting a Contingent Labor MSP [3:00] How Is MSP Pricing Typically Structured? [1:18] What Is the Difference Between an MSP and a VMS? [1:33] The Most Important Thing to Know About MSP Services [1:06] Pharmaceutical Customer: Easiest MSP Implementation

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